The ComplyChain Network

Our team is working hard to introduce and educate the world on how crypto can disrupt all industries through The ComplyChain Network.


We're here to help the world develop a genuinely free decentralized ecosystem. Our commitment is to provide the best value by creating a safe and secure experience for our users.
We are bringing traditional industries into the crypto space with new innovative ideas, allowing users to reach the corners of the digital marketplace. The ComplyChain Network has unique features that are unavailable on other platforms.

What separates us from other decentralized exchanges?

  • ComplyChain is a pioneer in the crypto compliance space.
  • ComplyChain representatives can assist in monitoring and locating lost or stolen cryptocurrency.
  • We actively monitor company wallet addresses to make sure funds are not coming from or going to illicit sources.
  • We periodically conduct audits of the blockchain using third party vendors as an added layer of security. These audits will be publicly posted.
  • We provide links to trusted regulated centralized exchanges for our users to trade fiat currencies.

Key Advantages

Experience & Trust

Over the last few years, there have been an explosion in new crypto assets that have emerged from internet meme culture, most notably SHIBA and DOGE.
It's becoming increasingly difficult to determine a scam from an honest crypto business. Unfortunately, the crypto space is riddled with scammers and grifters alike, taking advantage of unique gaps in a growing market. As the crypto market matures and DeFi becomes a stronger factor, trust in a platform is essential.
The ComplyChain Network was created by industry professionals to address and mitigate such issues. The platform aims of establishing a unique, secure and swift trading experience.
ComplyChain consultants are seasoned compliance professionals that pride themselves in detecting fraudulent behavior on the blockchain and preventing illicit activity. ComplyChain is a trusted industry leader and has assisted clients trace, track and in cases, assist law enforcement retrieve stolen or lost funds.

SEO Marketing

Prior to the digital real estate we see today in the Metaverse and similar platforms, actual digital real estate meant obtaining highly desirable domain names, for example: Facebook, Stake, Sushi, etc.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. The keywords and phrases in your online content that allow people to find your site via search engines are known as SEO keywords.
The ComplyChain Network also includes a number of domains that have very high SEO scores. Our ecosystem includes:
The revenue generated by the Bitdollars DEX will be used to build new and exciting technology that will branch out and service different sectors.
In addition to using the BTCD token on all ComplyChain Networks' platform, token holders will have special benefits, including airdrops, higher interest rates and more. As we evolve and build the network, our loyal users will be first in line.
Review our Roadmap and check back for updates soon.