This assistance section may be able to assist you if you're stuck, something isn't working as it should, or you're not sure if anything worked or not.

General FAQs

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    What is the difference between staking and farming?
    • Staking in Pools and farming with Yield Farming are both ways to earn more BTCD by supporting Bitdollars. Staking only needs some BTCDto be added to a Bitdollars Pool to earn BTCD or other tokens. Farming is more complicated and needs LP Tokens to earn BTCD
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    How do I connect my wallet to Binance Smart Chain and Bitdollars?
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    What’s the best wallet for Bitdollars?
    • It depends on your needs. Review Getting Started. Scroll down to Create A Wallet
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    Why is my transaction failing?
    • You can check the status of a transaction on
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    When will you open more pools?
    • New Pools are added to Bitdollars frequently. There will always be an announcement before the launch of new pools.
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    How do I get airdrops?
    • Whenever there is an official airdrop on Bitdollars, it will be announced along with the requirements. Please remember anyone can airdrop tokens to Bitdollar users since every transaction is public on BscScan. Be sure to do your own research when it comes to non-official airdrops. To protect your funds, we recommend you don't use a smart contract you don't understand from a source you don't trust.
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    Why does it say I have no BNB balance
    • If you've already transferred BNB into your Binance Smart Chain-enabled wallet but still have this error, you're most likely not connected to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) within your wallet. Check your wallet's selected network and make sure you have Binance Smart Chain selected.
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    What are the treasury funds used for?
    • The treasury funds are used to cover the expenses involved in running Bitdollars. These expenses include salaries, audits, prizes, hosting, upkeep, bounties, etc.
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    Is Bitdollars protected from flashloan attacks?
    • Bitdollars vault has anti-flashloan protection. PancakeSwap’s CAKE token isn’t vulnerable to flash loan attacks. Unlike vulnerable tokens, CAKE token minting is predefined, and can’t be adjusted in a single transaction. Ownership cannot be transferred outside of MasterChef contract.
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    I can't find an answer for my question. Where do I find an answer?
    • If you can't find what you're looking for in the documentation provided, ask your question on Bitdollars’ official social media platforms and someone will do their best to help you out.
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    What is the max supply of BTCD?
    • 100 million
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