The Bitdollars DEX

In comparison to most exchanges, trading on Bitdollars is quite simple. You won't be intimidated by charts or language, and all computations will be taken care of for you.


How to trade

Before you can trade, you will need a Binance Smart Chain-compatible wallet. You can learn how to get one here. You will also need to have some BEP20 tokens to trade with. Review “Getting Started” below.


  1. 1.
    Go to the exchange page.
  2. 2.
    Unlock your Binance Smart Chain-compatible wallet by clicking Connect Wallet (you can also Connect Wallet in the top right-hand corner). If you haven't yet connected your wallet to Bitdollars.
  3. 3.
    Choose the token you want to trade from the dropdown menu in the "From" section. The default setting is BNB. Whichever token you choose, you will need to make sure you have some to trade with. Your balance is shown above the token dropdown menu.
  4. 4.
    Choose the token you want to trade to in the "To" section as above. Next, type an amount for your "To" currency by clicking inside the input box. Your "From" currency amount will be estimated automatically. You can also type your "From" amount and have the "To" amount estimate automatically if you like.
  5. 5.
    Check the details, and click the Swap button.
  6. 6.
    A window with more details will appear. Check the details are correct. When you are ready, click the Confirm Swap button. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.
  7. 7.
    Done! You can click View on BscScan to see your transaction details on the explorer.
Token Swaps
​Token swaps on Bitdollars are a simple way to trade one BEP-20 token for another via automated liquidity pools.
Liquidity Pools
​Bitdollars Pools allow you to provide liquidity by adding your tokens to Liquidity Pools. When you add your token to a Liquidity Pool you will receive Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens and share in the fees.
  • Liquidity Pool Tokens (LP Tokens)
    • As an example, if you deposited BTCD and BNB into a Liquidity Pool, you would receive BTCD-BNB LP tokens.
    • The number of LP tokens you receive represents your portion of the BTCD-BNB Liquidity Pool. You can also redeem your funds at any time by removing your liquidity.
    • Providing liquidity is not without risk, as you may be exposed to impermanent loss.
  • Earn from trading fees
    • Whenever someone trades BTCD, the trader pays a fee, of which is added to the Liquidity Pool of the swap pair they traded on.
    • For example: There are 10 LP tokens representing 10 BTCD and 10 BNB tokens. 1 LP token = 1 BTCD + 1 BNB Someone trades 10 BTCD for 10 BNB. Someone else trades 10 BNB for 10 BTCD. The BTCD/BNB liquidity pool now has 10.017 BTCD and 10.017 BNB.
    • Each LP token is now worth 1.00017 BTCD + 1.00017 BNB. To make being a liquidity provider even more worthwhile, you can also put your LP tokens to work whipping up some fresh yield on the BTCD Farms, while still earning your trading fee reward.

How to Add/Remove Liquidity

"Liquidity" is central to how Bitdollars Exchange works. You can add liquidity for any token pair by staking both through the Liquidity page.
Adding liquidity:
To provide liquidity, you’ll need to commit an amount of any token pair you like. Your lowest value (in USD) of the two tokens will be the limit to the liquidity you can provide. You can easily trade for any tokens you need
In return for adding liquidity, you'll receive trading fees for that pair, and receive LP Tokens you can stake in Farms to earn BTCD rewards!


Check back soon for updates on Lottery features.